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STB Records Split

by King Buffalo

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ellis_boyd_redding thumbnail
ellis_boyd_redding There is absolutely no need for a band to have been this good this early in their careers, but here they are (were?)

No wasting around now Favorite track: Providence Eye.
Steve thumbnail
Steve These guys simply can't put out anything but stellar music. These 3 tracks from earlier in their career are living proof. Whether on the lighter, melodic side or the heavy, explosive one it's all simply damn good. And they get better with every album. I can't say enough about KB.🤘 Favorite track: Providence Eye.
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison thumbnail
Harry Harrison Just been scrolling through my Wishlist and found this. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it outright when I first discovered it. I mean, it’s King Buffalo. That’s means “don’t worry about listening to it, just buy it now” in Stoner Rock circles. Anyway, that problem’s been solved now. As usual it’s Stoner bliss that ranges for the rocking end of the genre to the psychedelic/space rock end. And; as usual; it’s brilliant, even when they’re covering their own stuff. Favorite track: Providence Eye.
Jimmytinks thumbnail
Jimmytinks Go see these guys live if you get the chance! Favorite track: New Time.
The Midnight Toker.
The Midnight Toker. thumbnail
The Midnight Toker. Glorious tripped out fuzzy jam. Arrangement is just brilliant.
Tracking in at 10 minutes is leaves it time to build to a wonderful crescendo. Favorite track: Providence Eye.
Vitalii Malinoshevskii
Vitalii Malinoshevskii thumbnail
Vitalii Malinoshevskii Very precious find in the ocean of stoner music diversity! Bluesy riffs, dreamy and pensive vocal, smooth and unhurried flow -
that's all from the first notes had completely catched my attention, touched the sentimental strings of my soul and make me
love all the music of King Buffalo instantly and irrevocably. A unique combination of high-quality awesomeness and highly concentrated soft psychedelic soulfulness, which sounds unlikely atmospherically! Will be looking forward for a next stuff! Favorite track: New Time.
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New Time 03:58


Recorded in King Buffalo's studio in August of 2014. 1st Press released February 21st of 2015 - SOLD OUT. 2nd and final press released March 28th of 2015 and still available. Get one now before they are gone from STB Records.


released April 20, 2015

“King Buffalo infect your ears from the outset, ‘New Time’ doesn’t so much blast into your consciousness, but rather saunters into your psyche with a rich psychedelic charm, this is lo-fi stuff and for the listener this feels like familiar territory, but is by no means derivative. The lead riff is simple and is omnipresent throughout the track and vocally it is akin to Dave Wyndorf, feeling unhurried and relaxed in style. There is a charm to King Buffalo, their jams atmospheric and spacey, evoking a sense of euphoric drug infused splendour, stupefying the listener, making you unable to focus adequate attention on anything or take an interest in serious matters at hand. In which case, why fight it, just soak it up and enjoy the ride.” – thesludgelord.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/vinyl-corner-le-betre-king-buffalo.html?m=1

“Of their three inclusions, closer “Providence Eye” is the only one that previously appeared on the demo, and it was re-recorded by guitarist/vocalist Sean McVay along with the two new tracks, “New Time” and “Like a Cadillac,” which both follow suit from Lé Betre‘s jammy songwriting blend, if with their own, more pastoral take. McVay, bassist Dan Reynolds and drummer Scott Donaldson started out with a noteworthy chemistry and have only pushed it forward over the last year-plus, as a comparison of the two versions of “Providence Eye” shows, but “New Time” and “Like a Cadillac” tell more of the story of their progression, taking the swing and molten vibe of their looser, longer demo material and tightening it up with more structured songwriting. le-betre-king-buffalo-front-coverI’m dying to hear what these guys come up with for a full-length, and what experimental edge they might be able to bring to that form in acoustic parts, keyboard interludes, etc., but the commitment to a natural sound King Buffalo show on this split shines all on its own and wants little for expansion. They were on the right track before, they’re still on the right track.”- theobelisk.net/obelisk/2015/03/18/le-betre-king-buffalo-split-review/

“Le Betre and King Buffalo each have contributed to this release a delightful setlist of emotive fuzz and grand layers of gut and soul into 8 strong, hard to kick, single malt tunes. Sending warm vibrations during troubled times as in the old days when the blues started it’s now (and forever) embedded legacy, carrying that flame in heart and with honor while adding their own select style to enrich a music genre that is always ever present and golden to those living the ‘Heavy’ life. A massive thanks and unending admiration to all people involved; from STB, to the bands, to the record plants for bringing such refined art into our lives and homes.”- www.facebook.com/pages/DHU-Records/866298986717049?fref=nf

“Vinyl’s warmth augments King Buffalo’s brand of spray-painted fur, blasting a blues crunch on New Time. A distant vocal float chases the steady stoner bass-roll, while guitars flaunt a late, fixated solo. Whew, thickness abounds! Alternatively, Like A Cadillac maintains the riff-‘n-roll atop a more upbeat, beer-spilt bar jam. Guitars rolls downhill and storm back, breaking strummy passages with dust storm spirals, shimmying with furry comfort and smiling at every oncoming bump in the road. This is just too fun.

On the eleven-minute Providence Eye, KB build repetitive blues progressions toward a spacey dust-roll, an extended jam of deliberate assertions. Structuring steadily, one brick after another, this closer escalates heavenward on the gradual foundations formed. Thunderous roll-outs swell and contract to craft a sound that’s immersive and captivating. Guitars flex for their marquee just before pacing gives a second wind. These cats know what they’re doing, hitting the brakes and plugging holes with chugging riffs. Lacing their trademarks through a steady dousing of sandy, spicy deliciousness, this trio’s punching their ticket.” – www.heavyplanet.net/2015/02/sunday-split-le-betre-king-buffalo.html

“King Buffalo, have 3 cuts on the record, with song 3, Providence Eye being 10:46 long. They open up their set reminding me of the Stooges on morphine, which I enjoyed. They are more Sabbath-like, but have a Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe about them, with a little Alice in Chains thrown in. Weird combo, but it works. Sean McVay‘s vocals pierce through the music, and demand attention. I can only imagine what a powerful performance he would give live.” – thugbrarianreview.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/thugbrarian-set-list-le-betreking-buffalo-12-split-stb-records/

“King Buffalo bring a psychedelic tone eerily similar to a favorite Canadian band of mine called Biblical. Undercut with juicy stoner riffs and reverberated vocal moans, King Buffalo combat the retro rock sensibilities of Le Betre with a more hallucinogenic approach. The intoxicating melodies are underlain by enchanting bass-lines and brooding solo runs that float effortlessly in a current of mild distortion and a spirit of mass confusion painting the picture perfect perma-smile. Running just a hair shorter on their 3-song set than Le Betre on their 5-song outing, King Buffalo’s side of the 12 diameter disc is loaded with style and class.” – ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2015/02/le-betre-king-buffalo-split-stb-records.html?m=0


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King Buffalo Rochester, New York

“King Buffalo is a psychedelic trio in the classic format, whose expansive and thunderous music is a powerful concoction of heavy psych, blues, and stoner rock. Texturally rich and oozing with psychedelic goodness, yet honed and driving in the next blink of an eye. Their efforts coupled with their impressive live show, quickly gained them an international audience.” - Sludgelord ... more


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