Longing To Be The Mountain

by King Buffalo

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lovepsy during listening to this album its feels like the tracks arrangement pure purpose is to create a certain vibe and feeling- to let you be the mountain.
check them out! far out album. Favorite track: Sun Shivers.
Byron Harrison
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Byron Harrison Not sure one can pick just ONE favorite track, from any of this trio's albums...every single album is complete, from beginning to end, with absolutely no filler. Just incredible! Favorite track: Eye Of The Storm.
sird500 thumbnail
sird500 Short, but sweet review!... In my opinion quite simply EXCELLENCE!
Easily 5/5!
If you like/appreciate Heavy Rock (variants of) / well crafted music in general I will be very surprised if you do not like this (this band)... WELL worth the purchase regardless of format (although for me / my system the CD is the way to go. :-) Favorite track: Eye Of The Storm.
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Morning Song 09:49
Sun Shivers 03:29
Cosmonaut 03:57
Quickening 04:19


Written and recorded by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY at the Main Street Armory in 2018.

All arrangements by King Buffalo (c) 2018
Produced by Ben McLeod
Engineered by Grant Husselman
Mixed by Sean McVay
Mastered by Bernie Matthews
Acoustic Guitar by Ben McLeod
Artwork by Adrian Dexter

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released October 12, 2018

"A TOP-TEN KIND OF ALBUM." – theobelisk.net/obelisk/2018/08/02/king-buffalo-longing-to-be-the-mountain-release/

"IN THE END, THE LISTENER CAN ONLY TURN BACK FOR REPEAT VISITS, THE THRILL OF HEARING IT ALL UNFOLD ONCE AGAIN." - www.popmatters.com/king-buffalo-sun-shivers-2591780809.html?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1

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King Buffalo Rochester, New York

“King Buffalo is a psychedelic trio in the classic format, whose expansive and thunderous music is a powerful concoction of heavy psych, blues, and stoner rock. Texturally rich and oozing with psychedelic goodness, yet honed and driving in the next blink of an eye. Their efforts coupled with their impressive live show, quickly gained them an international audience.” - Sludgelord ... more


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