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by King Buffalo

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Regenerator 09:37
I rise from the withering night New dawn brings the morning light A thin veil falls gently from my eyes A beam of light as the sun comes up A gold flicker from a mountain top Daybreak softening the sky I feel alive as the morning comes Regenerated by the warming sun Tangerine rays come showering down Everything shifting at the speed of sound
Mercury 04:30
Vanishing clouds flitter over a mountain Above frozen fields An amethyst glimmers beyond the horizon A beacon as my feet leave the ground Everything’s racing below me Tied to the wind moving swiftly above me Afloat on the breeze Watching the meadows, they hasten below me Unburdened as my feet leave the ground Everything blurring before me Holding on I’m racing towards the sun Riding on the wavering winds above Mercury unbridled by the sun
Hours 04:57
He was an anxious boy A roving wandering thing A drifter alone in the void Each day goes racing by The moment turning to stone Just watching the time go THE HOURS JUST TICKING AWAY Now he’s an ardent man A fervent scrambling thing Still stumbling alone in the void Hardened and ossified He’s slowly turning to stone How quickly the time goes THE HOURS JUST SLIPPING AWAY
Interlude 02:57
As the morning rises I awake to meet the sun I’m uncovering, I am awakening Bathing in the morning light beneath the swaying trees I am discovering Golden fingers brush the night away Bringing forth the beauty of the day
Mammoth 06:12
As I lift up my head Tryin to find a place to rest Marching through meadows dressed in white Two halves to push along Every day I venture on Riding a mammoth through the snow I’m leaving my old aimless days behind My father was a faceless man Leaving me a nameless man Marching through meadows dressed in white So I try to reach the hills beyond Every day I venture on Riding a mammoth through the snow I’m trying to find a way out from the cold Just wanna leave the past behind don’t wanna end up frozen on the vine
Avalon 06:19
In the evening as the sun dims down in auburn, amber glow Whispers dance among the cool winds overhead A delicate breeze to guide the way, I won’t make it alone Lights fading as tide comes washing in, ferry me to Avalon As I gaze into the violet clouds above me, floating away I see a vision in the still mist overhead An elegant breeze will guide the way, I can’t make it alone Arms open as the tide comes washing in, ferry me to Avalon I reach into the twilight overhead The glowing horizon calling up ahead The water rushes in to, carry me on I’m hoping to find my way to Avalon I reach into the twilight overhead The glowing horizon calling up ahead The water rushes in to, carry me on I’m ready to find my way to Avalon I drift into the moonlit sky above I’m counting the memories till aurora comes The water rushes over, carry me home I’m ready to find my place in Avalon
Firmament 09:15
I wade, through the soil, I lift, my eyes above me I look towards the stars, my guides, my distant companions I have become, one with the stone Everything’s one, renewed by the sun Out of the loam, I rise, embraced by the ether The river below, relieves, my hands of silver I have become, one with the sky Everything’s one, made new by the sun I traveled so far, to find, the clouds wide open How gentle the sun, redeems, the vapors around me I have become, one with the great eternal blue sky Everything’s one, under the firmament’s eye


Written & Recorded by King Buffalo in Rochester, NY
at the Main Street Armory in 2021

All arrangements by King Buffalo (c) 2021
Produced by Sean McVay
Mixed & Engineered by Sean McVay
Mastered by Bernie Matthews
Artwork by Miko Del Rosario
Layout by Scott Donaldson



released September 2, 2022

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"INESCAPABLE BODY MOVING JOY... THE FRESHEST AND MOST EXCITING RECORD IN THE GENRE" - metal-digest.com/2022/09/08/king-buffalo-regenerator/

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"SOME OF FINEST MUSIC WRITTEN IN THE PAST 50 YEARS" - cleanandsoberstoner.com/2022/09/02/happy-king-buffalo-day/

"THE BEST AND MOST COMPLETE ALBUM OF THE BAND TO DATE 9/10" - rtmbmusic.com/reviews/7665/king-buffalo-regenerator

"THE TRIO'S BEST WORK TO DATE" - www.demonic-nights.at/2022/09/king-buffalo-regenerator/

"ANOTHER MASTERPIECE THAT THIS ESSENTIAL GROUP CONTINUE TO PRODUCE" - desert-rock.com/dr/chrocd/king-buffalo-regenerator.html

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"ANOTHER IN A LONG LINE OF STELLAR RELEASES 4.5/5" - www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=23978

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"AN ARTISITIC TOUR DE FORCE... 9/10" - desert-rock.com/dr/chrocd/king-buffalo-regenerator.html

"DEMANDS YOUR HEADBANGING PARTICIPATION" - metalstorm.net/pub/review.php?review_id=17866

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"FAVORITE... INNOVATIVE AND ABSORBING... METEORIC" - www.lahabitacion235.com/musica/noticias/la-trilogia-pandemica-de-king-buffalo-se-cierra-con-regenerator-consulta-todos-los-detalles.html


all rights reserved



King Buffalo Rochester, New York

“King Buffalo is a psychedelic trio in the classic format, whose expansive and thunderous music is a powerful concoction of heavy psych, blues, and stoner rock. Texturally rich and oozing with psychedelic goodness, yet honed and driving in the next blink of an eye. Their efforts coupled with their impressive live show, quickly gained them an international audience.” - Sludgelord ... more


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